Monday, November 30, 2009

It's the most.....carbon consuming time....of the year!!

Christmas--It's right up there with the Fourth of July in how green the holiday actually is. To help bring this point across, here is a little video about just Santa, and how green he really is. (I recommend watching it twice!)

So, with this in exactly can we green our holiday season this year? Let's start with the presents...have you ever considered saving the wrapping paper, or the bow? try folding the paper in a way that makes it unnecessary to use tape, that way, the paper can be used for a couple more years! Or, if that is not feasible for your household, just make sure you recycle it!

Another way to be green is in the actual presents themselves. Is that toy you are buying for little Jimmy made locally, or in Malaysia, or China, or Taiwan? Try to find gifts that support local artists, crafters, and cooks; nothing says Merry Christmas like some handmade paper or jars of spiced peach preserves!

Also, it has been researched and the dilemma of Fake Tree vs. Real Tree has finally been resolved. The best solution is an organically grown, local tree. Fake trees have toxins in the PVC and other plastics that can fall down onto presents and cause problems, especially among the asthmatic community. And remember, take that tree to be mulched locally so that the carbon and other elements in the tree can be recycled back into the environment, not just thrown away in a landfill.

My last tip for tonight is to try and force yourself to have a local, organic Christmas dinner this year. Consider the turkey: Is it Free range or did it grow up within fractions of an inch of other turkeys? Try to buy products from within the USA; during the winter this is generally harder, but you can still find US cranberries, potatoes, and green beans most just have to put forth an effort to find them. If cost is an issue, do you really have to buy that $1.00 soda out of the vending machine, or could that dollar go towards supporting local organic growers? Happy Holidays!


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